Moon Garden Controversy: No Earthquake, Flood, Calamity Required to Displace People in Pakistan

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KARACHI: Pakistan Government doesn't require natural calamities to displace people but its weird descisions to take roof-off masses head. 180 families are on the road protesting when Sindh High court (SHC) ordered on September 29 to evacuate their premise in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 10A Karachi.

Moon Gardens a multi-story apartment in Karachi, home to 180 families has become controversial in a span of few days with claims arising from every nook and corner with government claiming it as encroached land.

The controvery remains which the masses fail to understand who actually is the petitioner who wishes to displace these innocent people. 

Who is the Petitioner? Land Remains Disputed

Earlier it was stated that Railways Cooperative Housing Society stands as the petitioner claiming that the builder illegally contructed the residential project on their land. Railway minister Saad Rafique confirmed that its was an alloted railway society but later an NOC was given for a release, whereby the government's claim of it being railways' is a farce.

Later, a local government minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah claimed the land as of Sindh government but was given to the Pakistan Railways to construct railway tracks and stations. “When an allotted land fails to fulfil the purpose it was originally allotted for, it automatically comes back to the government,” he said.

For his part, SBCA spokesperson Farhan Qaiser said that 25 per cent of the land belongs to KDA, while 75 per cent belongs to Cantonment Board Faisal (CBF), whose vice-president Shahadatullah insisted the area did not even fall in their jurisdiction.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s (KMC) Master Plan for the city, however, contradicts the minister’s claims. According to the maps for the master plan of 1982 and 2002, the land belongs to Safari Park and was allotted to it by the revenue department in 1970.


The builder, Abdul Razzak Khamosh, owned a 363-yard plot in Gulshan-e-Maymar, which he replaced with a 4,000-square-yard plot at the current location, in connivance with the KMC and revenue board officials. Subsequently, the Moon Garden project was issued survey number 309 by the KMC. The builder soon started construction on the plot.

At the time, however, some officials of the KMC raised objections, after which the construction was halted and the case was taken to court.

The builder allegedly cut corners with top officials of the KMC and the revenue department, after which the then KMC assistant land director, Altaf Hamid Khan, issued a no-objection certificate for the project.

The builder produced the lease papers, duly signed by the Karachi Development Authority. The Sindh Building Control Authority had also issued a No-Objection Certificate to the project. All the utility providers had given connections. Meanwhile, the Railways Cooperative Housing Society waved about the court’s orders in its favour.


The residents have paid in life-savings to build something that they can call their homes. They investigated and invested, with all legal documents in hand for possession of the premise. Number of government departments verify and investigate, prior any construction come forth in the country. Land, Gas, Electricity, Municipal, Police, etc. It took more than 15 years for the plaza to be constructed, with No Objected Certificates being issued by every department. 

The residents protest the court’s decision till-date (Friday), the blame-game began with each stakeholder producing the necessary documents to prove their point, while authorities bicker over the land’s ownership, no one is ready to own the residents who now have no roof over their heads and no place to call home.

Police harassed the residents to evacute them from the premises, K-Electric arrived to Cut their electricity off, wheras their voices went unheard as the court too turned down their plea.

NAP, Necta, Zarb-e-Azb being governments priorities curbing terrorism in Pakistan, where does all authority figures stand on this. Would this be termed as 'State Terrorsim' with Pakistani's men, women, children of all ages protesting on the streets for a number of days in ticing weather, remain unheard. With pregnant women protesting, minors in hunger, patients on streets are being send under a trauma which might effect their lives for the days to come. IS their patriotism challenged, or their nationality? Do they have any rights, or their voices be heard.

The residents await Pakistan Supreme Commanders, lest defence or civilian to take notice of the said.

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