Safe Haven for Terrorists - SC Challenging Military Court Verdicts

Written by  Sahir Umer Saturday, 18 April 2015 17:01

Recently, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) plea was approved by the Supreme Court on 16th April giving out a stay order on six militants execution charges on which military courts had already passed a verdict.

On April 2, Military Courts had passed the death verdict over Noor Saeed, Haider Ali, Murad Khan, Inayatullah, Israruddin and Qari Zahir. 

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Nasirul Mulk headed the 17-judge bench, heard the case in the apex court on April 16, not only halted the execution but as well sentenced that death warrants of terror convicts awarded by the military courts in the future will also be suspended.

The reason put forth was a mockery to being with. Chief Justice of Pakistan Nasirul Mulk said the trial of the convicts was not public, while it were just death sentences that were made public. 

Surprising as it is, most of the convicts have addressed their crimes and have confessed to the courts previously. They remain sentenced by not only local but high courts as well. Most of them have mercy pleas' with supreme and the presidents. 

“The recent trials of military courts are neither public nor transparent and military courts do not ordinarily observe principle of due process thus the apprehensions of the petitioner are genuine and have merit,” read the plea.

The plea put forth by SCBA stated that the family members of the convicts were made aware about the black warrants through media. So what! It is through media only that their crimes are monitored as well. They wouldn't come home and boast about themselves blowing people and killing innocent.

So far, the court has put a halt on the executions and the hearing of the case is adjorned until next week.

Some critics have raised questions about how fair and accountable the military courts are.

Pakistan have already faced calamities like marriot hotel incident, Army Public School incident, Shikarpur, Quetta Mass Massacre and many a more. The numbers of death due terrorism were inceasing till moratorium was lifted by PM last year in december. The capital punishment has so far put a leash on terrorists and has curbed events as such.

Nine military courts were established in January, after militants attacked a school in Peshawar, killing 134 pupils and 19 adults. Amid popular pressure to crack down on militants after the school attack in December, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif championed the new courts in parliament and lifted a moratorium on the death penalty.

The military courts, established through a constitutional amendment under the National Action Plan, this month only have sentenced six “hard core terrorists” to death and a seventh to life imprisonment.

Masses already have noticed a change and things are moving toward Pakistan's betterment with less incidents and attacks vide terrorism. There had been a number of events to quote but people of the nation do know the milieu in which pakistan had to take the decision to impose capital punishment. These punishments are to safe guard not only Pakistan's well being but a safer environment in Pakistan to live in. 

Foreign and Local Investors have fled the country amid tension, leaving the country in the worse economic downing since its establishment. 

A list of terrorist incidents in Pakistan is available on Wiki starting from 2001, would provide a good reference and reason for capital punishment to stay intact.

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