Dust to Gold: Man Turns His Scrap Car Into Something Amazing !!! Unbelievable !!!

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There stand miracles and mother naturem then there is MAN. An intelligent life form which can do wonders beyond expectation. A man recently has developed his junk into a state of the art benz which the developers of mercedes couldn't comprehend.

An Old Mercedes-Benz CLZ-Class HACK

This guy acquired an old Mercedes that looks ready to go to the junkyard, but what he does with it, is mind-boggling.

A View From The Front

As you can see, it appears the Mercedes is missing body parts, it's basically a scrap patchwork of wonky metal.

He Mixes A Recipe Of Custom Expanding Foam

The man starts mixing some expanding foam as if he has his own special recipe, luckily it looks like he knows what he's doing.

Molding & Shaping The Car Into A New Shape

He begins to pour the foam mixture onto the car while using cardboard pieces to get the shape right. Yikes, it's gonna get messy. . . Working with expanding foam is not easy.

The Car Is Entirely Covered With Expanding Foam

After the foam is applied, he then carves off the excess to get the shape right.

The Detailing Took Many Hours & Diligent Work!

His dream car had curves, so he's being very careful in getting those exactly right!

The Interior Gets The Foam Treatment Too?

Whoa, who knew a car's interior could function with a foam makeover? Okay, we're gonna give this guy the benefit of the doubt!

The Interior Is Done And Freakin' Amazing!

Omg, we're speechless. . . The interior is in fact now gloriously restored. This guy is a real artisan.

The Car Is Finished And Ready To Admire

The exterior got a shiney coat of glossy paint and is transformed into a HOT red car of seduction. Its sexy curves expertly done, shows this guy knew what he was doing.

A Junky Old Car Is Completely Transformed

The artist’s attention to shape and detail really shines through in this work. Unbelievable!

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