Hardees Controversial Commercials with Sexual Innuendos

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Hardee’s Pakistan is notorious among local consumers for its controversial and suggestive ads which appear to be full of innuendos. Their “fresh buns, soft buns” print ad  spread across the internet like wildfire, and most people were critical and displeased regarding the subliminally sexual nature of the Ads.

However, that wasn’t the first time the fast food restaurant chain has employed advertising campaigns of this nature. The “Unbuckle your Belt” and “Open Wide” for the big thick Angus burgers.

Over the years, Hardee’s has been creating ads based on similar themes, ever since the franchise was first opened in Pakistan. Take a look at the creative print Ads for its various offerings.

Which Hardee’s burger is your favorite?

It’s big, it’s loaded, its Hardee’s.


Hardee’s Chicken Loader

The fast food brand recently launched their new entree, Chicken Loader and like always, the ad shared on Facebook would make even the biggest boldest person to blush!

Hardees Chicken Loader

Hardee’s Soft Buns

We’re pretty sure it’s not the buns they are talking about

hardees 3

hardees 2 hardees 1

Hardee’s Angus Thick Burger

According to the Hardee’s advertising agency, the step for eating an Angus burger:

a. Unbuckle your belt

  hardees print ad 6

b. Use Both Hands

hardees print ad 7

c. Open Your Mouth Wide

hardees print ad 3

Oh, and here is a twist – Its Better with Two!

hardees print ad 2

  Not so subtle Hardee’s

  hardees print ad 1

At Hardee’s, Satisfaction is an understatement because you come again and again and again (The copywriter was certainly reading Fifty Shades of Grey)

hardees print ad 10

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