10 Car Models Termed Ugly of All Times

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Every year the automotive industry creates a number of new models. So much, that some just have to look weird. Of course, there is a chance that some of them will get the look of retro brand and in 50 years will be a lure for collectors. But almost all the cars in this post, most likely, will remain the sample of poor design.


Pontiac Aztek, Year: 2001

Perhaps one the ugliest models of cars in the history. Front and rear lights are too small, bumper resembles a trash can, with a piece of a minivan behind. It is not surprising that GM refused to release Pontiac 9 years later.  Biggest fail in the automotive industry of all the times.


Citroen Ami, Release year: 1961

In this car fenders are falling below the line of the tire, and the roof looks like it was pushed by strong wind. Add  the sad frowning headlights and you have a real strange-looking ugly vehicle.


Nissan S Cargo, Year: 1989

A cross between a submarine and a ladybug on tiny wheels – a Japanese “snail” (from the French «ecargo»). Almost all of the cars were bought by pizza houses that used them for delivery. It is symbolic that the machine itself looks like a quarter piece of pizza.


Fiat Multipla, Year: 1998

Multipla has two pairs of front headlights and windshield borrowed from a UFO. Perhaps this machine is for the distant future, so it is difficult to assess the futuristic design now. But the New York Museum of Modern Art exhibited this mutant at the exhibition «Different roads – Automobiles for the next century». Add to this the award  “Car of the Year – 1999” from the show «Top Gear». Well, despite all the accolades, this machine was, and still is ugly. 


Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar, Release year: 1974

Despite the fact that CitiCar looks like a tent on wheels, it was a breakthrough in the time of the fuel crisis in the United States and became the best selling electric vehicle. But even today, when being eco-Friendly is not just fashionable, but necessary, this design will scare away any “green”. 


PT Cruiser, Year: 2002

Inexplicably long hood, uncomfortable small windows  and logo as a mockery of the noble line of Chrysler. A try to release the car in retro style failed. Well, some designs are better to leave among the legends than redraw them in a new way. 


Chevrolet SSR, Year: 2003

The abundance of rounded parts makes this car look like a cartoon caricature. It might be cute, if not absurd angularity of the back side. The pile of lights, logo and grills on the hood gives reason to fear that the car will turn over forward. 


Nissan Juke, Year: 2010

It looks like the designers of Nissan have crammed unrelated parts in the same model, but they still manage to sell it successfully. Strung lights resemble eyes of unhappy hamster, that was raised by the collar. However, Nissan Juke is vigorously enough distributed around the world. Probably because pets – it’s still cute.



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