VIDEO: These Women Baffled Everyone Dancing In Anarkali Bazar, Lahore

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An attempt to empower women, setting new trends, advertisers are now thinking out of the box pushing limits a step further. Brand called “Do Your Own Thing” (DYOT) promoted its products in a fashion unthinkable in a country with conservative values.

Fashionable women in the middle of Old Anarkali, Lahore performed a flash-mob, dancing to the tunes of “Who run the world!”, promoting products for a brand name DYOT. The caption DYOT mentions how the brand stands for people doing things that they want to do and not what is expected of them by the society and the societal norms. It talks about thinking out of the box and express ourselves however we desire without caring what anybody else thinks.

Women Baffled Everyone Dancing In Anarkali... by pakistanviews

The person who orchestrated the Flash-mob, Saad Sheikh, has these remarks for his fans and critics, "When the first 9 second snapchat video of the flashmob came out it went viral and resulted in a lot of praise and appreciation and a lot of hate, negativity and death threats through social media and on my Pvt number. People telling me what to do and how to do it is not how I choose to live. I have organised a lot of flash mobs before then why did this one specifically pissed people off to an extent where they wanted to chop my head off?
After not responding massively to what people were saying, after blocking numbers and after filtering my friend list (not just on Facebook). I want to tell you a story. A story that happens everyday in Anarkali which we are all aware of, men and women.
Every Time a friend walks through anarkali, she's not just cat called or stared at with X-ray vision or thrown numbers at. They are also groped.
Groping and frotteurism is something that a woman finds unpleasant. Men who don't do it, find it equally disturbing as the next girl.
When the #DYOT campaign was being designed. We made sure we hit anarkali below the belt. On that day Women will walk tall, have tea, dance and tell them that this King is a woman.
We are not making it about women empowerment or freedom. Because the women who were there are empowered enough to do what they did and free enough not to care. I would end this by saying first rule to solve a problem is to recognise there is one. In this case 'We' are the problem.
Enjoy the video. Thanks to my fellow creative director Ikram Khan, these powerhouse performers and every one on the team."

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