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Rawalpindi—Punjab police reportedly launched a reluctant manhunt to arrest two of the four policemen who shot dead two brothers riding a motorbike on Saturday in Rawalpindi as they failed to stop at a police picket for security check. Amidst public outcry and wide spread condemnation of the said incident, the affected family is still not able to come to terms with the tragedy and great loss. 

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Sakeena Bibi, deceased’s aunt told  that the family had scheduledmarriage ceremony of the deceased Shakeel Butt, 25, soon after Eid-ul-fitr. “Punjab police’s brutality and recklessness ruined our dreams,” she added.

“These barbarians have ruined our dreams. The family and relatives were busy in shopping to mark the event to be held exactly after a month or so”. “We all were excited to celebrate what was supposed to be the first mega event in the family of seven . However, everything has lost followed by the death of two brothers,” Sakeena told.

Police shot dead two brothers in commercial market area of Rawalpindi late on Saturday after they allegedly failed to stop the motorbike when signaled by the Police.

Police claimed that they had signaled the two boys to stop for a security check, but they failed to stop. This made policemen to shot at them assuming they might be terrorists or suicide bombers. The incident sparked public outcry and condemnation from all segments of the society putting pressure on the Punjab government at act and arrest the culprits. 

During a visit of the deceased’s home, this scribe got to know, both Shakeel Butt and Zeeshan Butt had become heads of the family, and the only earning source. Their father had died long ago and his death had jolted the family. It was then, both Zeeshan and Shakeel took responsibility of arranging bread and butter for the family. They have been taking care of needs of their mother, four sisters and a younger brother until they were shot dead by policemen, two days back.

“It’s a great tragedy. We all are shocked. Deceased had set example for the youngsters of our colony. Alas, we have lost two rising stars,” said Alama Sajjad Ali.

Officials believe such incidents were barbaric and against the Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) of the Police anywhere in the world. The two boys riding the bike were unarmed and didn’t pose any threat to the police. 

As news of incident spread, family members of the victims demanded the Punjab government to take action against the officers and launch an independent inquiry. According to an eye witness, policemen fired right at the two brothers on the motorcycle and fled after the act. “We are looking into the matter and trying to find the involved out of the suspected four,”police officials said.

Reportedly police found no objectionable items from the possession of the deceased.

“We have arrested two of four policemen accused of killing two brothers. While police is raiding suspected places to arrestanother two,” said spokesperson of Rawalpindi police.


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