Mustafa Kamal Returns | Confesses to Have Worked 20 Years for 'RAW'

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KARACHI: Former mayor of Karachi, Mustafa Kamal returns to the city with astounding revelations against MQM Chief Altaf Hussain, Party Operatives and its ties to Indian Intelligence Agency. His controversial exit from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is still criticized and remained a mystery prior this press conference.

Kamal returned to Karachi after a prolonged absence from the political scene, alongside close aide and former party co-worker Anees Qaimkhani. They both were working for renowned construction company in Dubai.

They parted ways with MQM claiming it to be a terrorist organization, its chief a drunkard with no value for its activists or the commune that it represents; in a two hour long press conference her at a rented resident in Karachi today (Wednesday).

The conference was dominated by Kamal leaving Anis with a few words to spare. One could see him holding him back and seeking Kamals' permission prior speaking.

He confessed to MQM's ties with Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), an indian intelligence agency and working under its umbrella for the past 20 years. He along with other Rabita Committee Members knew this fact, making most of the situation for their own vested interests.

He revealed that the party has militants wings actively working from outside the country, committing row of heinous crimes in the city (Karachi) and that remained one reason for the activists from derailing from Party Motives.

Kamal Sins

"We tried our best to keep Altaf Hussain from being exposed. Initially, he used to be out of his senses at night due to excessive drinking, but now he stays intoxicated for days and weeks," stated Kamal while shedding light on current state of party affairs.

Referring to the many resignations presented by the MQM supremo, Kamal said even the media doesn't remember how many times Altaf Hussain has resigned as party chief.

"We sacrificed for Altaf, and did not distinguish between right and wrong, but Altaf does not care about his workers. Party workers deaths are used by him for political point scoring only."

Referring to the loyalty of the party's supporters, Kamal said, "Ever since this party came into being, people have been lost their lives for the party's cause, we fought the establishment and the entire world just to save Altaf Hussain."

"When I was leaving the party I knew my life would be in danger," said Kamal, adding, "We knew we will be killed."

He went on to say, "I knew I could not live in Pakistan. I knew Altaf's Hussain's boys of Indian and South African setup will be active."

Talking about frequent allegations of Altaf's links with the Indian intelligence agency (RAW), Kamal stated, "Everyone knows Altaf Hussain has links with RAW."

Links with India

"After Imran Farooq was murdered in 2010, Scotland Yard found documents from his (Farooq's) house, and started summoning the MQM leadership (present in London) for interviews including Altaf Hussain, and he was grilled by British law enforcement for three consecutive days," elaborated Kamal.

"They asked them (Altaf, Anwar, Tariq Mir) if they had links to India's spy agency, which was refused initially, but the Scotland Yard produced documents after which the MQM leaders, including Altaf, confessed to getting support from RAW."

Rehman Malik; a Party to the Crimes

"After Imran Farooq was murdered in 2010, Scotland Yard found documents from his (Farooq's) house, and started summoning the MQM leadership (present in London) for interviews including Altaf Hussain, and he was grilled by British law enforcement for three consecutive days," elaborated Kamal.

"MQM's top hierarchy was called to Dubai and the incumbent interior minister (Rehman Malik) was also present. The leadership was briefed about what the Scotland Yard had asked them and how they had responded."

"All senior MQM leaders are aware that MQM has been taking funds from India's RAW for 20 years," Kamal said while elaborating further on the alleged links between MQM's leader and RAW.

No-Name New Party

He also announced the formation of a new political party, which he said is yet to be named. He raised a Pakistani flag and said it is the official emblem of his newly launched organisation.

"Today we are laying the foundation of an organisation, you may call it a party. We are just two individuals, myself and Anees Qaimkhani."

The former mayor belonged to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) before he suddenly left the country in Aug 2013. The statement announcing his press conference had not made any mention of the MQM, with the press conference held at a private residence address in DHA Phase V as the venue.

After his departure, the MQM asked him to quit his senate seat.

The former Karachi nazim, who was elected to the upper house of parliament in 2011, was reportedly working for a construction company in Dubai, and remained in touch with some senior MQM leaders.

What made him Return

Kamal, while explaining the mindset of the average MQM worker, stated that, "In the ensuing situation, party activists and workers on the street are of the opinion that the establishment and security agencies are targeting and attacking MQM and its workers."

"The workers are unaware of the true situation, Altaf should come straight and tell the workers why he has been receiving funds from India's spy agency."

"The purpose of our return is to make Altaf Hussain speak the truth," added an emotional Kamal.

"Children from respected families have turned into agents and criminals, working against the state of Pakistan."

He asked the media present, "Was Saulat Mirza born a murderer?"

"Did Saulat have a personal rift with Shahid Hamid (KESC MD)," he asked. "Who made Saulat a murderer?"

He concluded, before taking questions from the press, that theres much much more and he can go on for hours to conclude and reply to many a questions churning in peoples mind. He's here for good, he said and will remain to answer everyones questions' at a later date.

MQM Retaliates

MQM MNA Ali Raza Abidi on Twitter said Kamal's return was "the last and final card by Chaudhry Nisar", apparently hinting at a greater game behind the former mayor's return.

The party recently cried foul and alleged there is a conspiracy in place to malign the MQM after the Federal Investigation Agency registered a case against Altaf Hussain and other party leaders in the murder of former MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq.

MQM leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, reacting to the development last year, questioned the ‘timing’ of the case, terming it "an attempt to malign the MQM".


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