No troops for Yemen - Lawmakers Agree after Days of Joint Session

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Friday, 10 April 2015 21:48

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentarians, at the last day of Joint session, unanimously decided against the government's mandate to send troops aiding Saudi-led coalition against Houthi's Rebellion in Yemen.

Some suggested that Pakistani lawmakers' debate resulted in a split on Pakistan’s role in the Yemen conflict, yet some said other than PML-N all parties collectively rejected the idea of sending troops deliberating dire consequences for Pakistan.

Copy of Draft Resolution

The joint session of parliament saw a number of speakers with varied viewpoints, however, everyone was of the idea that Yemen's crisis needs an amicable resolve through arbitration. 

Senator Rehman Malik of the PPP mentioned that Pakistan was sending mixed signals to the Saudis that 450 members of the Parliament stood divided on the issue, and days couldn't bring a consensus among them. 

Sheikh Rasheed, facing criticism for supporting PTI during their anti-government campaign, gave a critical analysis that no Pakistani Leader other than Nawaz was for the idea of Saudi's mandate posing ulterior motives.

Aftab Ahmed Sherpao was of the view that our forces stand overwhelmed with Eastern and Western frontiers. He suggested a diplomatic intervention being the best way forward.

Achakzai, on the other hand, enlightened the house by giving a historical perspective of the Yemen conflict, wondering if boundaries of the world are redrawn. He suggested that Pakistan with Turkeys' help address issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Achakzai insinuated at PTI, that no action was taken against those who had attacked parliament by terming it a weakness of the government.

Saudi's mandate was seconded only by members of PML-N say Senator Professor Sajid Mir, with notions that since kingdom has always supported Pakistan it becomes our solemn duty to return the favor. Rationale to the idea, he said if the US, in its defence, can take steps thousands of miles away in Afghanistan and Iraq, then the same applies to Saudi Arabia.

He explained that the notion of Pakistan moving to support wishes of Saudi's king were superficial and misleading.

PTI, from day one had and during the whole of joint session had snubbed the government on issues.

PTI's Senator Nauman Wazir pointed towards empty treasury benches while question the government as in why has the Foreign Minister instead of Defence Minister briefed the house regarding policy matters. He further iterated that Yemen's issue was not secratiran of 'Shia-Sunni dimension' as widely portrayed but the years to come it might develop into one esp. in Pakistan.

Throughout the joint session, PML-N went on countering other members by defended the policies of the government . Awais Laghari (PML-N) said that Pakistan would defend the kingdom of Saudi Arabia irrespective who its rulers are.

Laghari alleged that both Saudi Arabia and Iran are sending monies to Sunnis and Shias respectively in our country as religion has become a business to some, whereas Pakistan ought to play a conciliatory role mediating between the two countries. 

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