Threat of Dire Consequences if Baloch Ignored

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Thursday, 26 February 2015 09:39

KARACHI-The prince of the defunct state of Kalat, Mohiuddin Baloch has warned to waged war against the state if the demands and aspirations of Balochs were not resolved till December 31, 2015.

Addressing a press conference in a local hotel here on Thursday Mohiuddin Baloch who is also the chief of the Baloch Rabita-Ittefaq Tehreek (BRIT) said that government is spending billions of rupees on Baluchistan but this money is not bringing any meaningful change in the lives of the people. If the government continued ignoring the demands of Baloch it may results in very serious consequences, he warned.

We love Pakistan and it is our country but currently our concerns are with the situation of Baluchistan, which is going bad day by day due to the wrong policies of the establishment, he said adding that arrogant rulers mostly belonging to the majority province of country were responsible for the worse situation of Baluchistan.

Criticizing the rulers and establishment, Mohiuddin Baloch said that they both are not interested in resolving the issues of the Baluchistan province but always showed interest in land and resources of the province. It is unfortunate the present government like the past were ignoring the people of Baluchistan.

He said that about 10 thousands people went missing from the province and there is no question about the internal war of the Baloch tribes but it should not be considered that resistance had ended. The situation of Baluchistan is quite different from the other province of the country as Kalat was a separate state with its own form of government at the time of Pakistan independence. And as per tribal traditions and decisions it voluntarily joined Pakistan, said Mohiuddin Baloch. 

He further said that Balochs were happy to join Pakistan hoping a better future for them, but now their dream has turned sour. It was decided that four provinces of Pakistan would have equal rights like four brothers but unfortunately three brothers badly neglected and all power is vested in what he called ‘Lahore’. He said ‘Lahore’ is ignoring the rights of other Pakistanis. Establishment disregarding the dream of Allama Iqbal and struggle of Quaid-e-Azam removed the democratic government of Balochs in year 1972. Furthermore Baloch were label as traitors and foreign agents. The situation remained calm during 1976 till 1999 but since last 15 years state aggression result the death of thousands of Balochs, Prince added.     

He said the government is investing in infrastructure and development of natural resources of province to earn more and more profits, but it is not investing to improve the living standard of ordinary Balochs and making life easier for them. He said the rulers should know that without the cooperation of ordinary Balochs it cannot lay road and rail network in Balochistan and tap its natural resources.

Refusing to accept Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a ruler he termed PM another face of the establishment. He said that there is not ruler in the country and he is making efforts to wake up the establishment of Islamabad and Lahore before it’s too late. Without naming Taliban He said the rulers are ready to hold talks with groups that even do not believe in the constitution of Pakistan. Balochs believe in the constitution of Pakistan and want that their problems be solved accordingly, he added.

The Prince advised the establishment to solve the issue of Balochistan as per the aspirations of the people of Balochistan by December 31, 2015; otherwise, the things would be go beyond control of everyone.

To a question about the aspirations of Balochs, he said that they want due share in economic resources and government jobs. He said the standard of living of Balochs should also be raised.

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