MQM's Dubai Group Ecstatic over Amir Khan's Arrest

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Friday, 13 March 2015 18:41

DUBAI: A certain Group in MQM stands ecstatic over the arrest of MQM's ex-Rabita Committe Member - Amir Khan by Law Enforcement Agencies, taking him on remand for 90 days.

Rangers raid on the other day at MQM's party headquarter - Nine Zero resulted in arrest of several party workers to include top ranking official, party leaders and convicts previously sentenced by various courts. The cases lodged against them varied from 4/5 Explosive Act. 7-ATA Act of Terrorism and 23-(A)1, presented in the ATC court against FIR #52/215 - 77/215. 

Amir Khan,MQM's ex-Rabita Committee Member, was among the 110 arrests made by Paramilitary Squad whose 90 day remand has been given by ATC in Karachi.

Sources in the party ranks reported that Amir remained a thorn in the eye for party leaders to include Anis Qaimkhani, Farooq Sattar, present Governor Dr. Ishrat ul-Ibad, etc for dictating terms in favor of the party's welfare.

A number of speeches by MQM’s Leader, Altaf Hussain in the past reprimanding its Lofty Ministers for neglecting party’s disposition, their conduct, larceny, etc, second the aforementioned statement by sources.  Altaf Hussain has stipulated party decorum over the years slandering people who within the setup found involved in Land grabbing, money laundering, etc activities for which Amir Khan was deputed to ensure adherence. 

Amir Khan for the past year and a half served the party with zeal pin pointing individuals involved in embezzlement, land grabbing, extortion and other criminal activities, reporting it to Altaf Hussain. This resulted in dismay and a rift between Amir Khan and those involved in such heinous crimes. 

This certain group conspired against the ex-rabita committe member by challenging his Rit within the headquarters and different sectors around Karachi, a full-fledged defame campaign was lodged against Amir Khan.

Despite that that Party leadership announced Amir Khan's authority over the setup, yet there remain around 7-8 sectors around Karachi that still operate under the Hammad Siddiqui, clearly identifying the fissure between MQM itself.

Sources reveal that Governor Dr. Ishrat-ul Ibad, Farooq Sattar, Anis Qaim Khani, Babar Ghouri, Hammad Siddiqui etc known for their influence not only in the party but the city itself connived against Amir Khan bringing the Headquarter to see a day in Shame.

Sources further iterated that stings of the particular group are being pulled ex-Dubai and all forces are playing their active part ensuring Amir Khan’s exit from the party.

Sources added, the operation at Nine Zero took place par Dubai Groups information and astounding as it is that most of criminals found have actively served the party under Hammad Siddiqui, had his orders to stay at party headquarters till further instructions.

In the meantime, MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain has emphasized that it has already prepared a new Brass of Workers, personally chosen and trained under him in London, for Leadership at Karachi. A few had already arrived in Karachi and a few await landing. A few that arrived were arrested by the Rangers in the raid among which a prominent name is Dr. Saleem Danish.

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