#Mustafa Kamal | An accessory to Murder | Why the 'Safe Haven'

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Thursday, 03 March 2016 21:04

Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday claimed being party to a terrorist organization namely Muttahida Qaumi Movment equipped and trained by RAW, working for the vested interests of India in Pakistan.

He gave out a press conference of two hours along with his compadre Anees Qaimkhani confessing of his awareness to MQM ties with the intelligence organization and of the militant wings in the organization.

He stated to be party to the said for a span of 20 years knowingly that the party killed numbers against them and took away hundreds for their interest.

He said, "The workers are unaware of the true situation. Altaf should come clean and tell the workers why he has been receiving funds from India's spy agency."

"Children from respected families have turned into agents and criminals, working against the state of Pakistan."

As he went on to malign MQM's Chief Altaf Hussain, he said that he was a drunk and a murderer.

Kamal went on to say, "He used words such as "thok dou" (kill them) for PTI workers and it became the Rabita Committee's job to explain and justify his statements in front of the entire world," said Kamal.

Kamal added that Altaf was intoxicated when addressing the entire Rabita Committee. He went on to state that people have sacrificed their lives and generations for Altaf Hussain, while "we [Rabita Committee members] used to take responsibility for all his mistakes and actions."

Oppostion parties and analysts claim if these allegations against MQM are true and since he was an accesory to the crime, knowingly, why is he given safe haven

Wiki's Definition: An accessory to a crime is a person who participates knowingly and voluntarily in the commission of a crime. An accessory can be categorized as before or after the fact (the commission of the crime). They need not be actually present at the scene of the crime in order to be held liable.

Mustafa Kamal's security has been increased knowingly the reaction against his press conference today, 2 mobile vans deployed, barbed wire spread around his premises and around 8 to 10 policemen instated.


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