Former Texas congressman Ron Paul Former Texas congressman Ron Paul

Obama will bankrupt The United States - Ron Paul

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Tuesday, 17 February 2015 11:32

Obama administration’s policy will bankrupt The United States for making new wars around the world, former US congressman Ron Paul says.

Paul blasted Washington’s foreign adventurism in an article published on his website on Monday.

“This militarism will end one way or the other. Either enough Americans will wake up and demand an end to Washington’s foreign adventurism, or we will go broke,” he wrote.

The former presidential candidate warned about economic catastrophe by Washington’s interventionists in both Republican and Democratic parties.

“The additional tens of billions or more that these new wars will cost will not only further undermine our economy, but will actually make us less safe. Can anyone point to a single success that the interventionists have had over the last 25 years?” he asked.

Paul was referring to President Barack Obama’s new request that would allow him to use force against the ISIL terrorist group “and associated persons and forces” anywhere in the world for the next three years.

He argued that the new legislation is a blank check for Obama to start new wars and Congress will go along with “this dangerous and costly scheme.”

The outspoken critic of Obama also said the United States “has already spent nearly two billion dollars” fighting ISIL since this summer.

Paul added that the confirmation of Ashton Carter as the new Secretary of Defense by the Senate is another sign of new US interventions because he comes to the Pentagon straight from the military industrial complex.

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