British Troops Comes Back to the Scene in Helmand though 100's Have Died Previously

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Tuesday, 22 December 2015 18:30

KABUL: Britain's Ministry of Defense (BMD) on Monday affirmed that British troops are being sent back to south Afghanistan's Helmand province, where Afghan troops struggle to keep control of the strategic district.

An MoD statement announced that "a small number of UK personnel" have been deployed to Helmand "in an advisory role".

The statement suggests 30-strong SAS unit will be deployed to back American special forces and the Afghan National Army as they try to retake the territory from the Taliban insurgents.

Sangin, a former Taliban stronghold central to the terrorist group’s opium trade, was the scene of fierce fighting during the Afghan campaign, with more than 100 British troops dying in and around the town. Currently in the district, most government buildings are now in Taliban control with Afghan officials suggesting the entire province faces danger of falling to the insurgents.

Although British combat operations officially ended in Afghanistan in October last year, around 450 personnel remain working with the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces and security ministry.

Helmand has proved to be the deadliest province for Nato troops fighting in the country and the toll rose on Monday with the death of six US troops in a suicide attack near Bagram airport. Helmand is a traditional stronghold of the Taliban and one of the biggest centers of opium production, which helps fund the insurgency.

Over the recent months, it has seen fierce fighting between the militants and Afghan forces. The militants are pressing their insurgency after the withdrawal of most international forces last year.

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