Suspected Indian gangster Chhota Rajan is shown in this photograph taken in Bangkok on September 26, 2000. PHOTO: REUTERS Suspected Indian gangster Chhota Rajan is shown in this photograph taken in Bangkok on September 26, 2000. PHOTO: REUTERS

Its a Matter to Time before We Kill Chhota Rajan - Chhota Shakeel on behalf of 'D' Company

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Thursday, 24 December 2015 20:48

Chhota Rajan did not just run out of luck; he ran out of time and places to hide with Mumbai underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s aide Chhota Shakeel hot on his trail. In a recent interview to India Today Chhota Shakeel affirmed that he had ensured several attempts on Rajan's life which failed, yet he would not rest till one succeeds.

Chhota Rajan is in Indian police custody but D-Company (Dawood Ibrahim's) has vowed to take his life in spite of the immense security that now surrounds the infamous criminal.

Talking of Rajan's deportation to India from Bali, Shakeel said: "Yes we had a plan to kill him (Rajan). We have to kill him... we will kill him here (India) also. We will not leave him." The D-Company's trusted associate claimed that he just missed the opportunity in Bali where Rajan was hunted by Indonesian authorities and later brought to India by the Interpol and the CBI.

Shakeel claims he was quite close, yet too far, in Bali where Rajan was inside a lock-up and hence, missed the chance to assassinate him. Rajan has proved to be an extremely lucky person, having escaped attempts on his life by Shakeel starting Bangkok, then Australia and latest in Bali.

Sources in central agencies confirmed that Shakeel had a well-prepared plan to act against Rajan. They said Shakeel had come very close to assasinate Rajan, but the latter, yet again, escaped unhurt. To accomplish the killing, the D-Company had sneaked in a woman and a man as specialists from Australia into Indonesia.

Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim (left) with Chhota Rajan.

As part of the plan that has come to light, the duo had planned to masquerade as a reporter and cameraperson, giving them an easy access, and perpetrate the assassination. Sources added that the two specialists were armed to teeth when it came to their disguise: They had identity (ID) proofs, identity cards, passports and a camera.

But then how did the plan fail? Shakeel claims the plan went awry as ammo and gun could not be arranged in time. "They were to go just as press personnel to get his (Rajan's) interview. They went together-a woman and a man. Your information is correct; we had arranged for the identity cards and had procured a camera also. We did not get a gun which is why we stopped otherwise we would have killed him," said Shakeel.

Rajan could not be killed and landed safely in jail.

But, Shakeel claims the quest is not finished yet. Asked if it was now difficult to kill Rajan, now that he was in jail, Shakeel's reply was brazen. "It is not difficult. In our dictionary, no name and no work is difficult. What is the harm in trying? Wasn't Salem killed? He had a lot of security also, but the boy killed him. He (Rajan) will also be killed likewise. The day we get the opportunity, we will drop him dead. It is not difficult, it is easy," Shakeel said.


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