Saudi Senior Army Commanders Accept Their Military Incompetence: Against The Kingdom's Interest to Send forces to Syria

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Friday, 19 February 2016 16:28

Saudi senior army commanders in a letter to their ministry revealed that results in Yemen's expidition stand grave due their military incompetence, emphasizing on serious repercussion for the Kingdom should they decide to send forces to Syria.

Yesterday, a confidential letter from senior Saudi commanders to Prince Muhammad bin Nayef--the Crown Prince, first Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior of Saudi Arabia—was leaked out in social websites.

In this epistle, the Saudi generals pleaded with the Crown Prince to abort any probable Saudi interference in Syria due to Kingdom's military debacles and inability to defeat the moderate strength of Yemeni revolutionaries let alone to intervene in Syrian quagmire.

The letter signed by ten outstanding Saudi generals read as follows: "We, the military experts of Saudi Arabian Royal Army with our unwavering loyalty to the faith ,King and fatherland ; hereby declare that all military goals indented for Operation Decisive Storm are not fulfilled due to professional incompetence of our forces and the Middle-East's complex situation."

In spite of the incendiary rhetoric made by Saudi military spokesman Gen. Ahmed al-Asiri regarding the immediate and irrevocable decision to send forces to Syria; the above-mentioned Saudi generals reiterated that getting involved into Syrian crisis will certainly threaten the Saudi national security and would lead to fatal consequences for the oil-rich Kingdom.

The signatories importuned the Crown Prince to revise the alleged plans to dispatch Saudi forces to war-ravaged Syria.

The names of the signatories:

1)  Gen. Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-namlah

2)  Gen. Saleh bin Ali bin Mohammed Al-mhya

3)  Gen. Ali bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Khalifa

4)  MG. Morih bin Hassan bin Ali Al-shhrani

5)  MG. Abdul Rahman Bin Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Murshid

6)  MG. As'ad ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Zuhair

7)  MG. Majed bin Talhab bin Hamad Al-Otaibi

8)  MG. Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Orfaj

9)  Lt Gen. Aoun bin Ali bin Ahmad Al-Shmrani

10)  Lt Gen. Ali bin Halhol bin Jarvan Al-ashja'i Al-Rovyli

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